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Moroccan Art & Culture

This week my photos include the engineering of Morocco. With the death of 3 weeks in this country, I should say this is my number one part of the country. The entirety of the clay and craftsmanship catches the Moroccan culture.

 My most memorable picture is one that was taken in Fez at a pottery store that our gathering visited. We were offered the chance to see how different family things are made, for instance there were plates, bowls, wellsprings, mugs, tables and substantially more.

My subsequent picture was taken in Marrakech at a castle. This embodies Moroccan engineering. This image is a little example of the castle that was loaded up with a wide range of varieties and types of workmanship. 

There were beautiful tiles all over, on the floors, roofs and, surprisingly, the wellsprings outside showed wonderful workmanship.

Craftsmanship to Moroccans is critical. Their way of life encapsulates its strict convictions through this fine art by using calligraphy. Calligraphy is a type of craftsmanship in itself and is the predominant structure in Morocco alongside the design. 

The two structures are quite often interwoven into wonderful structures and designs across all towns.

Finally, I have added an image of the gathering on our camel ride into the Sahara Desert! We went through a night at a camp blending with local people and finding out about their lives, language and societies. The following morning, we took 4-wheelers through the Sahara to track down migrants and hear their accounts. 

This for me was the most incredibly contracting experience. We happened upon a mother that separated from her better half since he was a cheat. Since she had no cash and nowhere to go, she turned into a traveler and makes her residing off of vacationers dropping by and purchasing covers. 

She wants to utilize this cash to send her child to school since she was never offered the chance to go to class herself. A considerable lot of us in the gathering purchased floor coverings and things from her to help her in accomplishing this objective.

This experience was disheartening to believe that there are 40,000 others in Morocco very much like this unfortunate lady. Then again, it is enabling me to feel that as I accept my schooling I may one day have the option to pivot and utilize my examinations to help those in need not just in the U.S. However, abroad too.

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