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THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT Morocco, geography is divided into two distinct chains: Toubkal is one of the tallest peaks in the Atlas Mountains, which are separated into three chains: the big Atlas, the Middle Atlas, and the tiny Atlas. Watering spots and cities such as Ifran,

  Marrakech, Agadir, Fes, and Meknes are surrounded by mountains.

Morocco’s geography is divided into two distinct chains: Toubkal is one of the tallest peaks in the Atlas Mountains, which are separated into three chains: the big Atlas, the middle Atlas, and the tiny Atlas. Watering spots and cities such as Ifran, Marrakech, Agadir, Fes, and Meknes are surrounded by mountains.

The seashore is hemmed in by peaks spanning from Tetuan to Nador in the north. The Rif Mountains are located in northern Morocco and are not part of the Atlas Mountains, but rather form part of an arch that extends up to Gibraltar’s rock and southern Spain.

The Rif Mountains rise to 2448 meters above sea level at their greatest point, close to the Algerian border, from the coast at Tangiers and follow the craggy Mediterranean coastline almost to the Algerian border.

This rocky region contains some lush valleys used for agriculture, which are likely to include illegally cultivated cannabis, for which it has become famous. White washed villages stained by blue in the Andalusia style can be found within these mountains.

When you think about Morocco, the first city that comes to mind is Marrakech, or “Amur -akush in the Amazigh language.” A visit to this city is a must on every trip to Morocco.

Marrakech, often known as the Red City, is Morocco’s second largest city. Marrakech Medina is a vibrant center of entertainment and is known as one of Morocco’s gems.

It is a key economic hub with a number of emerging sectors and marketplaces.


Marrakech is a city that may be enjoyed by wandering around and taking in the ambiance.

We recommend that you visit it and enjoy its various corners; if you do not have much time, it is not worthwhile to become overwhelmed by attempting to see everything because we will lose the essence of the city. These are some of the must-see sights in Marrakech for your information.

– The Koutoubia Mosque
– The Gardens of the Menara
– Jemaa el Fna Square
– The palace of Bahia
– Walls of Marrakech
– The Majorelle Garden
– The Mellah of Marrakech or Jewish Quarter
– KoubbaBa’Adiyn …etc

Fez is known for its ancient walled city, which many compare to Jerusalem’s old walled city. It is the first of Morocco’s imperial cities, dating back to the eighth century.

It is also a forerunner in Morocco’s Muslim religion and home to one of the world’s oldest colleges. All of these firsts combine to make Fez an especially appealing city with a vibrant and powerful culture. Fez is renowned as Morocco’s cultural and spiritual capital, as well as a center of art and science.

Fez is one of the North African country’s most interesting and appealing places. Fez has managed to adapt to modern life while yet maintaining its traditions and authentic Moroccan customs. We can meander through its winding lanes and become lost in the wonderful architectural marvels that are seamlessly integrated into the city’s daily life.

It’s a place with adobe and brick walls, different-sized courtyards, tile-covered pillars, and so on.


• As previously said, the Medina of Fez el-Bali (Old Fez) is one of the world’s largest medieval sites, and it is a wonderful, vibrant area.

The Karaouine and Andalusian Mosques are two of the city’s most notable landmarks.

• The Karaouine Mosques is Morocco’s second-largest mosque. It’s elfishly possible that the Karaouine Mosque is Fez’s most hallowed site. It’s a shame that non-Muslims can’t appreciate the interior’s beauty, but the Islamic religion regulates this exactly because of its sacredness.

It’s a shame that non-Muslims can’t appreciate the interior’s beauty, but the Islamic religion regulates this exactly because of its sacredness. Its minaret, which dates from 956, is Fez’s oldest Islamic landmark.
• In Fez, there are three historic museums worth visiting, as well as a wonderful spot to get away from the noise and bustle of the streets and medina.
• The Nejarine Arts and Wooden Handicrafts Museum, the Moroccan Art Museum (Batha), and the Armas Museum (Bordj Nord).
• Henna Souq, a market specializing in hair dyes and lovely henna tattoos applied to women’s extremities. Fez el-Jdid, the Jewish community’s seat, is created of outstanding buildings next to the old walled city. Dar Batha, now Batha Museum, is positioned among the waters.

• In 1438, the first mellah was created in Fez, and the Jews were relocated from the old portion of the city.
• The Palace Royale (Only visible from the outside)

• Gardens Jinan Sybil, a route that was founded in the 18th century and has made it a unique flora and organized a particular treasure in the Andalusian style, is located in the plaza of Alaouites and stands out for its majestic golden doors. The remembrance is the oldest public park in Morocco, and it is known as the spiritual capital of the country.

Tangier is a vibrant metropolis in Morocco’s far north that is growing at an uncontrolled pace while maintaining a cosmopolitan character. During its period as a colonial metropolis, it served as a source of inspiration for a generation of artists and statesmen.

Waves of Western and Eastern invasions have agitated Tangier for centuries.

Tangier is built in the shape of an amphitheater on the Gibraltar Strait, with views of both the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. Tangier is a special destination for travelers seeking romantic experiences due to its location, history, and hotel comforts.

What to see in Tangier:

Despite being one of the larger cities, it is a city that is easily navigated on foot. It is separated into two halves, as is practically every city in the country.

For a location, we have the old town or medina, which extends upward from the harbor, and the “Ville Nouvelle,” which was developed by Europeans in the twentieth century and whose entrance is the Place de France.

1. The medina or ancient city of Tangier
2. Medina of Tangier
3. How places to highlight in the visit to Tangier are
4. The Great Souk or square on April 9, 1947.
5. The Anglican Church of St Andrew
6. The parque de la Mendubia
7. The Catholic church
8. The Dar Niaba,
9. The Legation of the United States of 1821
10. Alcazaba of Tangier
11. Perfumeria madini tanger.
12. New city tanger street.
13. Plaza de la Alcazaba.
14. Cape Spartel.

Casablanca, Morocco’s largest city, is situated on the Atlantic Ocean. It is the capital of the Greater Casablanca region, as well as the key commercial and naval base. Casablanca is Morocco’s cosmopolitan, industrial, and commercial hub (and its largest city).

The contemporary city of Casablanca was built by Berber fishermen in the 10th century and was later exploited as a key harbor by the Phoenicians, Romans, and Merenides. It was demolished by the Portuguese, who rebuilt it under the name White House and left it after the great earthquake of 1755.

The city was reconstructed by the Moroccan monarch as Daru l-Badya, and the Spanish merchants who established commercial bases there gave it the name Casablanca. The city was captured by the French in 1907, and the protectorate was founded in 1912 when the construction of Ville Nouvelle began.

The city obtained independence from the rest of the country in 1956.


Casablanca is Morocco’s largest city, with a population of about 4 million people, as well as the world’s largest artificial harbor. The city is a massive metropolis that can be intimidating to visitors. However, once in the heart of the city, getting around is very simple.

Place Mohammed V is in the heart of the city, and most restaurants, pubs, and hotels are within walking distance. The ancient medina is a few streets north, while the New Medina (also known as Habbous) is a few blocks south. The Ain Diab beach suburb is located to the west of the Corniche.

Merzouga is the Moroccan desert’s pearl, a real gem that attracts visitors from all over the world. Merzouga, a small Berber community in south-eastern Morocco around 35 kilometers southeast of Rissani, 45 kilometers from Erfoud, and 20 kilometers from the Algerian border are famous for its stunning scenery and immensity of its dunes, where you lose sight.

As a result, Merzouga is one of the best sites in the world to watch the sunset and gaze at the stars. Erg Chebbi, which means “the sand dunes,” is located near Merzouga and, despite its name, is the country’s largest dunes, standing at 250 meters in height. The color of the dunes changes depending on the time of day.

It is an unforgettable experience to contemplate the beautiful sunrise or sunset over its dunes, as well as the incredible mantle of stars that closes on their nights, thanks to which in Merzouga, located in the heart of the Sahara desert, is far from urban pollution And light to which we are accustomed.

The dunes can be walked, ridden on the backs of dromedaries, or driven through in 4×4 vehicles.


– There are a variety of birds to see, including avatars, chupacabras, and flocks of pink flamingos. During the winter floods, these birds congregate around the lake that formed.

– Dromedary excursion in Merzouga dunes – Merzouga is surrounded by a magnificent palm forest, which creates a lovely contrast between the green of the palm grove and the golden dunes.

– During the months of July and August, more visitors come to Merzouga to experience Sand Baths remedies. Because the temperature is higher during these months. The treatment consists of burying the patients in hot sand for 5 to 10 minutes at a time, followed by times of respite during which they must hydrate themselves by sipping spearmint tea. Routes via Merzouga’s desert.

– Merzouga is the ideal location for 4×4 dromedaries, quads, buggies, and bikes to participate in activities, routes, and excursions in the area. Beautiful vistas abound in this town, as do numerous routes and trails suitable for 4×4 vehicles.

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